Hmong Doctorates

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Medical Doctor (MD)

1.  Dr. Long Thao, MD, Southern Illinois U. School of Medicine, 1988
700 W. Olive Ave. #A
Merced, CA
First Hmong MD

2.  Dr. Mouatou Mouanoutoua, MD, Cardiologist, Ross U. School of Medicine, 1998
U. of California-San Francisco
110 N Valeria
Fresno, CA  93701

3.  Dr. May Yeu Heu, MD, Ross U., 2001
Open Cities Health Center
St. Paul, MN

4.  Dr. Pa Heu, MD, PharmD
6769 N Fresno St, Ste. 204
Fresno, CA

5.  Dr. Cha Lee, MD, Family Practice
6815 W. Capitol Dr, Ste 107
Milwaukee, WI 53216

6.  Dr. Fenglaly Lee, MD, OB/GYN, University of Califonia-Davis, 2003
Fresno, CA

7.  Dr. John Moua, MD, Pediatrics, U. of California-Davis, 2006
UCSF-Fresno Pediatrics
155 N. Fresno St
Fresno, CA 93701

8.  Dr. Panhia Jocelyn Moua MD, Georgetown U. School of Medicine, 2004

9.  Dr. Teng Moua, MD, Internal Medicine, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 2005
Owatonna, MN

10.  Dr. David Thao, MD, PA, Plastic Surgery, U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1998
Tessar Professional Building
1099 Helmo Avenue North, Ste 130
Oakdale, MN 55128

11.  Dr. Doua Her, MD
St. Paul, MN

12.  Dr. Xoua Thao, MD, Brown University, 1989
St. Paul, MN

13.  Dr. Nhia Vang, MD, U. of California-Davis, 2003
Oroville Family Health Center
2800 Lincoln St
Oroville, CA

14.  Dr. Sa Vang, MD, U. of California-Davis, 2005
Stockton, CA

15.  Dr. Shary Vang, MD, Internal Medicine, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 2007
Minneapolis, MN

16.  Dr. Touber Vang, MD
Fraser, MI

17.  Dr. Tou Choua Vang, MD, Pediatrician, Ross U. School of Medicine, 2000
Clovis, CA

18.  Dr. Lesley Xiong, MD, Georgetown University School of Medicine

19.  Dr. Lin Xiong, MD
Monroe, LA

20.  Dr. Phua Xiong, MD, Family practice, U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1996
St. Paul, MN

21.  Dr. Xa Xiong, DC, MD, Family Practice, U. of Wisconsin Fox Valley Medicine Program, 2008
Aurora Medical Group
4100 Dewey St.
Manitowoc, WI 54220

22.  Dr. Yer Moua Xiong, MD, U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 2005

23.  Dr. Kou Kevin Yang, MD
Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center
2727 Plaza Dr
Wausau, WI

24.  Dr. Peter Yang, MD, Family Practice, U of California-San Francisco/Fresno, 2001

25.  Dr. Peter Thai Yang, MD, Ross U., 1996
Advance Medical Clinic
1504 White Bear Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106

26.  Dr. Yeng M. Yang, MD,Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 1996

27.  Dr. Tha Cha
28.  Dr. Yer Chang
29.  Dr. Cheng Her
30.  Dr. Khang Xiang Her
31.  Dr. Veethong Lee
32.  Dr. Touxa Lee (Lyfoung)
33.  Dr. Fong Lo
34.  Dr. Muaj Lo
35.  Dr. Vang Kiatoukaysi Lo
36.  Dr. Yang Koua Lo
37.  Dr. Anong Moua
38.  Dr. Ly Pao Moua
39.  Dr. Steve Moua Cherpao Moua
40.  Dr. Steve Bliatou Moua
41.  Dr. Tou Long Moua
42.  Dr. Charles C. Moua
43.  Dr. May Ya Thao
44.  Dr. Theresa Gaoshoua Thao
45.  Dr. Umeng David Thao
46.  Dr. Arnold Vang
47.  Dr. Bee Vang
48.  Dr. Ber Vang
49.  Dr. Chee Vang
50.  Dr. Daniel Vang
51.  Dr. David Yang
52.  Dr. Tony Cha Vang
53.  Dr. Xiong Vang
54.  Dr. Houa Vue
55.  Dr. Kazoua Xiong
56.  Dr. See Xiong
57.  Dr. Bobby K. Yang
58.  Dr. Kang Fue Yang
59.  Dr. Kang H. Yang
60.  Dr. Matthew Yang
61.  Dr. Pa Foua Yang
62.  Dr. Tou Yang
63.  Dr. Xou Yang
64.  Dr. Zoua Pa Yang

Running Count: 145 Doctors

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