Speak Hmong Course

If you have no exposure or no knowledge of the Hmong language and would like to speak Hmong with the very basic words and phrases, this is the course for you.

Speak Hmong Course


The Speak Hmong course is designed for anyone who wish to learn Hmong that does not have any exposure or experience with the Hmong language before.  The course only focus on speaking Hmong and it is divided into three parts; Speak Hmong 101, Speak Hmong 102, and Speak Hmong 103.  In Speak Hmong 101, students will study 30 lessons with different topics that focus on simple words and phrases.  In Speak Hmong 102, students will study another 30 lessons with a few similar topics along with new topics in Hmong.  This part will introduces more complex words and phrases.  Lastly, in Speak Hmong 1o3, students will learn 30 more lessons that will continue on with complex words and phrases.  This part will mainly be small dialogues between two people.

Course Materials

With the world’s greatest technology of the iPod and iPhone, I decided to make the entire course with all three parts in mp4 video format.  PDF transcripts of every lesson will be made available for anyone who wish to use as a reference.  It will only be available for paid membership of the course.

Learning Structure

There is no worksheet for the course, so all you have to do is watch the videos and repeat the words and phrases.  Remember, your main goal for the Speak Hmong course is to SPEAK HMONG and not worry about anything else. You can download all the videos and load it into your iPod, iPhone, or any devices that play video format and study the lessons anywhere and anytime of the day.

Note from the Author

Only the Speak Hmong 101 course will be available for registration at the end of this month, January 2011.  Part 2 and part 3 will be release at a later time, hopefully in a couple of months.

Xou Vang


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