Hmong Doctorates

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1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & Doctor of Education (EdD)
2. Medical Doctor (MD)
3. Doctor of Chiropractice (DC), Osteopathy (DO) & Psychology (PsyD)
4. Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Dental Medicine (DMD),
Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Optometry (OD)

5. Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
6. Doctor of Ministry (DMin) & Juris Doctor (JD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & Doctor of Education (EdD)

Professors & Scholars

1.  Dr. Pob Zeb Vang,Political Science, University of Denver, 1996
Notable Achievements: United Nations’ recognition of Hmong as the proper term for the Hmong people

2.  Dr. Dao Yang, PhD, Social Economics, Sorbonne U., France, 1972  First Hmong PhD

3.  Dr. Dia Cha, PhD, Anthropology, U. of Colorado, Boulder, 2000 Assoc. Prof., Anthropology and Ethnic Studies
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN

4.  Dr. Zha Blong Xiong, PhD, Family Social Science, U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2000
Assoc. Prof., Social Sciences
U. of Minnesota, General College

5.  Dr. Kou Yang,  EdD, U. of California Davis/ California State U.- Fresno, 1995
Chair, Ethnic & Gender Studies Dept.
Prof of Asian American Studies
California State U.- Stansislas

6.  Dr. Shoua Yang, PhD, North Illinois U.
Visiting Assist. Prof., Political Science
U. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

7. Dr. Gary Yia Lee, PhD, Social Anthropology/Community Development
U. of Sydney, Australia, 1981

8.  Dr. Kao-Ly Yang, PhD, Linguistics & Anthropology, France
Fresno, Ca

9.  Dr. Vincent K. Her, PhD, Cultural Anthropology, U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005
Assist. Prof., Ethnic Studies and Anthropology
U. of Wisconsin-La Cross

10.  Dr. Mai Na Lee, PhD, South East Asian History, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005
Assist. Prof., Hmong History Across the Globe
U. of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts

11.  Dr. Serge Lee, PhD, Social Work, U. of Washington, 1993
Assoc. Prof., Social Work
California State U.- Sacramento

12.  Dr. Ger Moua, PhD, Counseling Psychology, Washington State U., 2006
Professor of Psychology, Spokane Community College

13.  Dr. Mylo Thao, PhD, U. of California-Davis
Assist. Prof., Microbiology
California State U.- Stanislas

14.  Dr. Paoze Thao, PdD, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Loyola U. of Chicago, 1994
Prof., Linguistics and Education
California State U.- Monterey Bay

15.  Dr. Chia Youyee Vang, PhD, American Studies, U. of Minnesota, 2006
Assist. Prof., Modern Hmong/Southeast Asian History/Immigration
Depart. of History, U. of  Wisconsin-Milwaukee

16.  Dr. Lue Vang, EdD
Student Success Specialist
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento, CA
(916) 643-9089

17.  Dr. Mai Xiong, EdD, University of the Pacific, 2002
Lead counselor: veterans
Delta College, Stockton, CA

18.  Dr. Tony Vang, EdD
Fresno Unified School District, Board of Education

19.  Dr. Yer Jeff Thao, PhD, Claremont Graduate University
Assist. Prof., Curriculum & Instruction-Education
Portland State University

20. Dr. Pao H. Lee, PhD, Computer Science, Kennedy-Western U., 1997
BA and MSDD (Master of Software Design and Development), U. of St. Thomas
Software Consultant, ATR International Inc.
Working at Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, MN

21.  Dr. Christopher T. Vang, EdD, U. of California Davis/ California State U.- Fresno, 2001
Assoc. Prof., Teacher Education
California State U.- Stanislas

22.  Dr. Chieng Lo, PhD
Stockton Lao Family

23.  Dr. Mai Moua, PhD, Leadership Studies, Gonzaga U., Spokane, WA
Leadership Paradigms, Inc
1595 Selby Ave, Ste 112
St Paul, MN 55104

24.  Dr. Philip Pao Yang, EdD, Educational Leadership, Edgewood College, 2008

25. Dr. Buddy X. Fang, PhD

26. Dr. Tou Her, PhD

Other Ph. D’s

1.  Dr. Connie Cha
2.  Dr. Wang Chao Fang, United States International U., 1997
3.  Dr. Nao Soua Her
4.  Dr. Ntsum Zaaj Her
5.  Dr. Cha Va Lee
6.  Dr. Song Evelyn Lee
7.  Dr. Vincent Lee
8.  Dr. Wapha Xaiyasang Lee
9.  Dr. Maydeu Lee (Ly), Capella U, 2006
10.  Dr. Pahoua Lee (Ly)
11.  Dr. Cha Lo
12.  Dr. Chuexeng Lo
13.  Dr. Fongchatou Lo, U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2000
14.  Dr. Kou Lo
15.  Dr. Lee Lo
16.  Dr. Soua Kiatoukaysi Lo
17.  Dr. Xing Kiatoukaysi Lo
18.  Dr. Wang Seng Lo
19.  Dr. Pao Lor
20.  Dr. Kao Cherpao Moua
21.  Dr. Leng Mouanoutoua Moua
22.  Dr. Tou Ger Wangyee Moua
23.  Dr. Bruce Bliatout Thowpaou
24.  Dr. Sam Bliatout Thowpaou
25.  Dr. Chia Vang
26.  Dr. Erick Vang
27.  Dr. Koua Vang
28.  Dr. Ying Vang, Pharmacy
29.  Dr. Cheng Xiong
30.  Dr. Dang Daniel, Xiong Alliant Internationall U, 2005
31.  Dr. May Pang Xiong
32.  Dr. Zong Xiong
33.  Dr. Yong Tria Xiong
34.  Dr. Chue Yang
35.  Dr. John C. Yang
36.  Dr. John Yang
37.  Dr. Julie Yang, Alliant Internat’l U, 2006
38.  Dr. Kao Neng Yang
39.  Dr. Lee Yang
40.  Dr. May See Yang
41.  Dr. Nao Ko Yang
42.  Dr. Thao Yang
43.  Dr. Chong T. Yang, DBA

Other Ed D’s

1.  Dr. Chou Soobtsheej Chang, U. of St. Thomas, 2004
2.  Dr. Bao Vang Lee
3.  Dr. Pao Lee, U. of San Francisco, 1999
4.  Dr. Toulue Page Thao, U. of California-Davis, 2003
5.  Dr. Ka Vang
6.  Dr. Jonas Vangay, California State, U-Fresno/U. of California-Davis
7.  Dr. Kaying Xiong Hamline U., 2007
8.  Dr. Char Yer Xiong (Soung)
9.  Dr. Cher Pao Yang
10.  Dr. Cziasarth Neng Yang, U. of St. Thomas, 2002
11.  Dr. Houa W. Yang
12.  Dr. Terry Yang

Running Count: 81 Doctors

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